zaterdag 22 juli 2017

TSA Clubnight 21st of July 2017

Even on our national holiday, the tabletop generals assembled in the clubhouse for another evening of frantic gaming.

And it must be said, for the first time since I came back, fantasy and sci-fi had a clear overhand on the historical department.

Though this has to do with the new 40k, as no less then 3 battles where fought, one of 500 points which saw my Nemesis go down to Tau (oooooooh snif) with his Plaguemarines.

The second one was a none game that had a collection of 7 Battlesuits (I don`t even know what the big one is, it`s from after my time, but it`s apparently named a Riptide) decimate a force of Eldar in two turns.

The third saw a force of Orks scrape a victory on points to a massive guard force.  Both these two battles where 1.000 points btw.

I was there to observe this, and lesson learned: Quad Heavy Bolters, period, against all those shooty grunt armies around.  And Sicarans.

French and British forces duked it out in Song of Drums and Shako's.

Another battle I have been following was this Dux Britanniarum game, as I`ll be joining in a campaign starting soonish (but I`ll handle that in a blogpost later today or early tomorrow).

The Heroquest game was played as well, as adventurers went through their monthly game, part of a longer running campaign.

A four player Fantasy game in full swing.

I forgot to take pictures of the boardgames going on though, as I was embroilled in watching and studying the above mentioned games and especially the players I don`t know yet, to hone my blade for battle and "read" their playing styles, so sorry guys!

Next time, I`ll be playing myself for the first time with my figures since coming out of retirement, so I`ll be doing an AAR then instead!


The seventh movie in the Rocky franchise, and the first good one in years for sure.

This movie is a sort of "handing over the torch" story, and has some great character arcs and outcome.

Adonis Johnson is the illegimate son of the late Apollo Creed, Rocky's opponent from the very first movie from 1986.  He spend most of his youth in juvie, until he moves in with Apollo's widow.
He is also an amateur boxer that battles mostly in an underground mexican circuit, but he seeks out Balboa and convinces him to train him.  This leads to a fight against a star pupil in the gym, and when he beats him, the secret gets leaked that he is a Creed.

On the other side of the atlantic, the ruling champion faces a prison sentence and looks for a glorious battle before he might be put away.  He wants to fight Adonis, a no-body in the boxing world, on the condition that he fights with the name Creed, as legendary status is attached to that name...

This was a great movie, facing on the one hand the personal struggle of Adonis against the name of his biological father, and on the other hand Rocky who is haunted by the past due to Adonis showing up.

Recommended for all that loved the original films, and the return of the epic tune is fantastic.

On the Painting Desk 4

Quite a bit on the plate this week, as I`m about to round out my Age of Sigmar force of 1.000 points, and will be fielding it for the first time in two weeks.

While that will be part of a multi-player, which is the easiest way to pick up the rules, that also means I can go spend more time getting my Emperor's Children battleworthy, the first goal going to be 500 points.

In the meantime, I`m going to be working on all these guys the coming week, though I don`t expect to get it ALL done, I`m aiming to finish the AoS models and the FWC ones for sure, and get as far as possible on the 40k models.

Clockwise as such, we have the following models on the painting desk...

A unit of 10 Militia, which will bump my AoS force to 940 points, leaving me a nice 60 points to round out the force with a Hag for the Witch Elf contignent.  Thay are also my main priority to paint this week.

A small detachment of 6mm that will be painted as Night Lords, part of the multiple Legion 40k and FWC plan.  These might be done by next week.

Next up we have the Warptalons.  I finished the first one of them already, and now I`ll be working on the rest of the squad.  My goal is to get all the pink on them at least and wash it with my purple army painter.  To that end, they can be worked on in the week afterwards.

The female Chaos familiar, who will become my demon princess in FWC.  She only needs to be based and varnished, so she'll probably be finished tonight.

Same goes for the other small detachment, these going to be of the Alpha Legion.  They need to get some detailing, basing and varnishing, so I`ll get those done as well this evening.

Well, that`s it for this weeks paint-plan, let`s see where we get during the week :-)

vrijdag 21 juli 2017

Hochland Handgunners

Coming from the box I traded at the club last friday, I added some firepower to my small Order force.

I touched up the models to fit my Hochland main part of the force, and went for a small unit without command group, as I don`t expect them to be around long when faced with a few thousand points of opposition.

Adding a bit of variety compared to the swordsmen, these guys all have one sleeve in red, while the rest remains green for their uniforms.

The force now is beginning to reach completion, as it`ll be receiving a single 10 man unit still in the form of Militia, and then a Hag to "lead" the Dark Elf contignent of the force.  That will then give me a small but varied force, perhaps not the biggest in quality but with a good quantity of models to hopefully make a minor dent.

And now, time to paint on the next unit ;-)

donderdag 20 juli 2017

Coffeemill Exposition Mortsel

In Mortsel, near Antwerp, a rather unique collection is on display until coming saturday, the 22nd of july.

Located in an empty store, the private collection of Rene Vanhove, together with a few pieces of fellow collectors, is displayed for all those loving the black gold.

The Dutch introduction, sourced from UitInVlaanderen, reads as follows:

Oude koffiemolens krijgen bij René Vanhove uit Hove een tweede leven. Hij herstelt ze allemaal eigenhandig en in hun oorspronkelijke staat.
Zes jaar geleden kreeg hij zijn eerste koffiemolen, die van de bomma. Nu heeft hij er een 130-tal staan. Handmatige molens, geen elektrische. Zijn grote trots zijn de twee Brusselse toonbankkoffiemolens van J. Van Cauteren uit 1850. Ook geliefd zijn de ‘boerenvlaamse’ molens en de koffiemolens van Peugeot uit Frankrijk of hangkoffiemolens uit België -Nederland en Duitsland.
“Ik vind het prettig om in alle rust iets te kunnen opbouwen, om vergane glorie te herstellen. Je kan geen brute kracht gebruiken voor koffiemolens, je moet heel geduldig zijn, opbouwend werken en vooral er de tijd voor nemen.”
Ondertussen is hij ook lid van de internationale club van koffiemolenverzamelaars ( AICMC) waarbij slechts een paar Belgen toegelaten zijn.
René stelt zijn opmerkelijke collectie tentoon in Mortsel. De tentoonstelling wordt aangevuld met enkele zeldzame exemplaren van bevriende verzamelaars.

Now, the exposition isn`t a huge museum or something, but it is a nice stroll through the past of the venerable coffee mill, from the old hand models to the first efforts at electrifying the machines.

Personally, I adored this collection of wall hanging mills, a lot of them gorgeously decorated.

It also has some serious oddities, like this italian one where someone did their own "handyman job" on powering it.

If you are in the neighbourhood, make sure to drop by this lovely little exposition for a trip through the history of grinding your coffeebeans!

It`s open between 14 and 18 hrs, and the entrance is totally free.

Emperor's Children 6mm Land Speeder

The first small unit I have finished to go with my 6mm Chaos army after the initial 1000 points has been finished yesterday evening, a modest Land Speeder.

This vehicle hopefully gives me some fast moving firepower for the tabletop.

Now, while I went for the Emperor's Children post heresy colourscheme, in the future I`ll also be adding some units painted in other Legion colours.  The reason for this is mainly to add some variety to painting, but I`m planning a more dedicated blogpost on this subject somewhere next week.  So if you're intrested in some of that rambling, check back soon.

The model itself is one of the old plastic speeders from the Epic range from Games Workshop, the one with the huge plasma cannon on top.  Painted with Squid Pink as it`s base colour (from the Game Color range), this then got a purple wash from Army Painter's range on top.  The golden tone, Brass from Coat D'Arms, also got the purple wash, which is suitable for the 6mm models, but for their 40k equivalents I`ll be using a chestnut wash indeed to give it an even "older" look (like I did on my Elector Count a few weeks ago).

And now to paint some more Empire chaps in order to get that all finished ;-)

woensdag 19 juli 2017

Code Geass: Akito The Exiled

A spin-off series of the highly rated and popular Code Geass series, Akito the Exiled is a 5-part OVA set during the "hole" between the two seasons of the original.

Making use of the same animation and drawing style, I did make one mistake... I got the dubbed version instead of the subbed one.

And boy is the dub horrible.  The series focusses on the events that take place in Europe, with the Eurasian union and Britanno-euro union (our day France and United Kingdom) facing off in the German / eastern countries regions.  This results as such in a lot of "frenglish" and "ruslish" overaccented speech, see my point.

A special unit, the Wyvern squadron, is commanded by Commander Maclaw and has the star pilot Akito, "the ghost of Hannibal", in it's ranks.  While he doesn`t possess the Geass, he does have a power that can mentally link others to him when he becomes very angry, maling several Nightmares connect with his movements.

On the opposing side is his brother, who is doing all he can to first take over the Order of Michael, then instigate a war between the two nations with the sole purpose of destroying humanity at all costs...

Ow, and we get to see Lelouch as well...

A very enjoyable series if you loved the original (heck, who didn`t?) with the right amount of comic relief versus action.

Just get the subbed version...